Welcome to My New Blog


Welcome to my blog, where I'll write about writing, books, maybe occasionally take a detour and discuss some aspect of private investigations (besides being a writer, I'm also a PI).  

If you click on the Index link, a gallery of pictures displays --these are a mix of book covers, upcoming books, other blogs, and an exhibition of photos of our beloved Rottweilers, Jack Nicholson and Aretha Franklin.  Dog owners/lovers, I know you understand.

Before signing off, I'm going to plug a nonfiction book on writing that I'm currently reading: Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, a writing instructor and best-selling author of six psychological thrillers.  I've written 22 novels myself, but there's always more to learn about the craft of writing, and this book has been a wonderful resource.  I'm using its guidelines as I brainstorm the roadmap of my current story-in-progress.  Highly recommended!

For those interested in how I created this blog

After creating several WordPress blogs, I read about squarespace and decided if it was as easy to use as people claimed, I'd go with it.  In my two-week free trial period, I discovered squarespace was intuitive to use and has many helpful features (such as making it ridiculously easy to insert Amazon widgets, a great tool for writers).  Another cool feature: You get almost immediate responses from their  24/7 support, even during the trial period.

If you're like me (a minimalist techno type), and you'd like to create a blog/site without paying a hefty sum to a webmaster (who you continue to pay for updates), or if you're not up to spending days and days wrestling with WordPress to create a site, I highly recommend squarespace.