Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eyeby Colleen Collins, a nonfiction, no-holes-barred, modern-day story about life in the female PI fast lane.  Has remained on Amazon bestseller lists since published in august 2013!

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When Lawyers Call on Female P.I.s to Conduct Investigations

The Best Disguise in the World

Praise for Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye

"Colleen Collins's chronicle about her investigative career is completely authentic. She brings her real-world P.I. stories to your e-reader straight from the streets!"
~ Shaun Kaufman, former P.I. and managing partner, Shaun Kaufman Law

“As an experienced private detective and a skilled storyteller, Colleen Collins is the perfect person to offer a glimpse into the lives of real female P.I.s”
 ~Kim Green, managing editor of Pursuit Magazine: The Magazine of Professional Investigators

"SECRETS OF A REAL-LIFE FEMALE PRIVATE EYE features [Colleen's] honest, engaging voice and takes full advantage of the interactivity ebooks allow. Part memoir, part reference, SECRETS delivers Colleen's firsthand experience and looks at the latest resources and equipment private investigators use."
~Gerald So, moderator of DetecToday, editor, poet, book reviewer

SECRETS OF A REAL-LIFE FEMALE PRIVATE EYE  is a research must-have.”~Holly Jacobs, award-winning author of Steamed, featuring amateur sleuth Quincy Mac