Just finished March 2013 book: The Next Right Thing


This past week I finished my first Harlequin Super Romance (The Next Right Thing, release date March 2013).  It was one of those stories that was truly fun to write, probably because my real life is close to the main characters' occupations (the heroine is a PI, the hero is a lawyer). Although the book is primarily a romance, there's a legal case brewing in the background, which comes to trial at the end of the story.

A brief intro to the characters

Cammie Copello: Thirty-two years old.  Private investigator.  After being put on probation by Marc, her  boss, for "crossing the line" in an investigation at his Denver law firm, she restarted her life in Las Vegas as a solo private investigator.  So the last thing she expects is for him to show up in Sin City, imploring her to resume work on that very same case.  Except it's not the same -- darker reasons now compel him to seek her help.

Marc Hamilton: Thirty-five years old.  Trial lawyer. After being set up by false accusations to lose his law license, Marc needs the expertise of his former lead investigator Cammie to clear his name.  But after not only ignoring her warnings a year ago when she first learned the source of these accusations, he created a no-win situation that resulted in her leaving his firm and his life.  He's willing to close that gap, but is she?  Especially after he shares the other secrets that now shadow the case.

The Next Right Thing: Available March 2013

I'll be running contests and giveaways as the release date approaches, so check back!